The following feedback is from Making Modernism: Literature and Culture in Twentieth Century Chicago, a 2017 NEH Summer Institute.

Here’s what past participants have to say about their experience at the Newberry:

“This was one of the most enriching experiences of my career. My teaching will benefit from new texts I’ve been introduced to, new approaches I’ve seen modeled, and having participated in a four-week in-depth engagement with new directions in modernist studies.”

“The Newberry is an A++ facility with an A+++ staff.”

“I am still in awe that I had the opportunity to participate in this institute. It has profoundly shaped me as a scholar and an instructor.”

“My students for the next decade or more will benefit from what I learned in this seminar…I learned so much from this seminar, but most of all it refreshed me as a teacher and scholar, reminding me about the reasons I chose this profession in the first place.”

“One of the high points of my professional life!”

“[Professor Olson] was astoundingly generous, helpful, intelligent, and engaging. Not only did she provide much to the institute in terms of intellectual contribution, but she also did an exceptional job organizing and operating the institute on a daily basis. The visiting faculty were extremely helpful in bringing diverse and engaging ways to consider the texts under discussion. Colleagues were smart, generous, and helpful. Topics fit the institute’s goals perfectly. The institute was well-organized, discussions were thought-provoking and helpful, and activities allowed participants to connect ideas from the classroom to the real world.”

“This was an exceptional experience, start to finish.”

“I can’t say enough about Davarian Baldwin as a scholar, presenter, and person.  Quite honestly his presentation on gospel music and jazz in Bronzeville is the most impactful, clarifying, and moving presentation I’ve ever seen in 10 years in academia. I didn’t just learn about the subject matter from him; I also learned ways of approaching this literature, through his thoughtful discussions of methodology and argumentation.”

“This Institute has been essential in how I approach my teaching…I can’t think of any kind of program that could replace what I learned here…I can’t articulate this enough–this experience has reinvigorated my teaching practice and what I learned here will be woven throughout what I do in and out of the classroom for years to come.”

“Will spend the next year unpacking what I learned here.”

“My experience at the Newberry was fantastic–I found the collections easy to use and the various librarians and staff helpful and kind across the board.”

“The Newberry was a fantastic host institution.  We had the experience of actually being like ‘Fellows,’ along with all their rights and privileges. Its location in its place in the city, near institutions, public transportation, and proximity to city sites, also worked perfectly.”

“The visiting faculty and cultural excursions in Chicago offered a comprehensive view of Chicago’s key role in shaping twentieth-century art and culture, while also providing a model for my teaching.”

“This seminar was by far the most genial and productive experience I have had a research library, and I have been to many of them.”

“The Newberry was a wonderful, welcoming institution. The librarians were incredibly knowledgeable and generous with their time….The library provided ample work space in the reading room, and the seminar space was conducive to the lively conversations we had each day.”

“This institute was an amazing experience. Perhaps most importantly, it connected me with a community of scholars from across the country with whom I now have plans to collaborate. These relationships that we formed attest to the need for collaboration in the humanities and for working across institutions.”

“The opportunity to engage in sustained collective thinking with academics from all kinds of institutions at levels ranging from graduate students to full professors is rare and invaluable—particularly for me, as a junior scholar.”


Image:  “Parisian Redheads,” 1927 (Call #: Midwest MS Brown family, Series 2: All-Girl Bands, Bx. 1, Fl. 33)